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10 Tips for a Successful Trade Show Making your Exhibition Booth stands out

trade show exhibition booth

Preparing for a trade show can be a challenging task. You will need to arrange many administrative matters to secure a space in the exhibition show and also plan with contractors on what type of design you need for your booth and a lot of other miscellaneous matters.

Once you have completed the preliminary task needed to be done, the planning of what elements you use inside the booth or the items you will show to the public can be initiated. The following are some ideas about how you can get ready to stand out from the other competitor booths in the exhibition.

1. Make Your Furniture in the Booth Stand Out

The types of furniture you use in the booth are important. Because if you are attracting thousands of people to come and visit your booth, you will want them to stay there for a while. And in order for them to be there, they will need chairs to sit down and tables to put their items on. If your furniture is attractive and in sufficient numbers, people will willingly want to visit your booth to see the items you have there for them to experience.

2. Use an Interactive Board

Having an interactive board in the booth helps you attract more people there, as they can come forward in front of the screen to understand what it is all about. If you can program your company’s products and services into the interactive display, it will be a great marketing tool to gain awareness about your brand, its products and services.

3. Create Good Videos to Show On Screen

Good video contents entice people who are walking by your booth to stop by and watch the video that is going on. If the video is promoting something interesting, it can create a memorable experience for the persons who watch it at your exhibition booth.

4. Make Your Booth Design More “Instagramable”

In a trade show, there are many booths and all of them are of different designs. Make your booth design-concept a theme-based, out-of-the-box, and attractive, which will create much buzz and people will start taking photos and post them on their social media timelines, especially on Instagram. This alone can create a lot of hype for your brand, which in return can earn you a lot of profits. A good investment. Isn’t it?

5. Giveaways Items

Create items to give-away such as business cards, brochures, pens, magnets, calendars, and anything else that may be useful for people to use on a daily basis. Print your company name and/or logo on the items so that your brand reaps more awareness.

Most people who come to visit trade shows are always in search of goodies. So, place your giveaway items in the booth where it is easily visible and accessible by people to win easily. Encourage them to take selfies with their giveaway prizes and post on social media.

6. Giveaway Food Samples

Offering free food samples can be something unique as most of the times companies that do this are usually marketing their products. But it doesn’t really have to be the case, you can try to give away food samples that you want to share with the trade show visitors. While doing this, you can package the sample in a way that indicates the food giveaway was sponsored by your company, which will again gain you the much-coveted brand awareness.

7. Have a Draw Prize Session

Offering prizes in your exhibition booth can create much attention in your booth. Try to get attractive prizes that people may win and will enjoy. Get people to come to the booth and register for the lucky draw. Once you have gathered a list of names, schedule a time for everyone to come to the booth to start the prize session. When the session starts, there will be a crowd in your booth which will put your brand in the limelight and gain lots of attention.

8. Show Off Your Work

It is always advisable to show off the product and services to the public, which you are selling and proud of. Give some practical illustration of how your products or services are able to help your potential customers and solve their problems.

9. Have an Assistant in the Booth

Trade shows are always a whole day affair, even in some cases they last for a whole week. The trade fair could get very crowded and having enough hands manning the booth is very essential to ensure operations of the booth go as per the plan. If you do not have enough manpower to be present in the booth, it is good to create a note for the people visiting your booth that you are away and will be back in the period of time indicated.

10. Greet Your Visitors When They Are in Your Booth or Nearby Your Booth

Your staff must greet people who are nearby the booth or in the booth. Train your staff properly because they are the brand ambassadors and more importantly, their actions reflect the brand-culture. Hence being polite and greeting people confirms that the company considers and treats its customers as true human beings and not as numbers.

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