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Container Setup & Café Containers In Doha, Qatar

Looking to convert  a container into a café or kitchen in Doha, Qatar?

Our team at Procyon Creations brings years of expertise in container conversions, with skilled designers who can create custom container designs. We specialize in crafting remarkable customer experiences through innovative, stylish, and convenient shipping container conversions. Our focus lies in transforming shipping containers into cafes, restaurants, and even kiosks.

We offers pop-up food and beverage converted shipping containers that grant you the advantage of mobility, allowing you to bypass high rental costs. With this portable setup, whether it's a cafe, bar, or restaurant, you won't be burdened by fees to popular street property owners. By adopting our solution, you can establish a solid footing and establish a robust presence in the food and beverage market without the limitations of a fixed location site.

Container Services in Doha, Qatar

We offer the conversion of typical 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers into individually designed spaces like cafes, restaurants, kitchens, and more. You have a wide range of options available to you in the food and beverage sector. Choose a single container and work with our talented designers to construct a bar, or combine several containers to build a popular restaurant. We are committed to assisting you through each step of the procedure, no matter the size of your shipping container conversion project in Doha, Qatar.


Types of containers we convert and modify

We help transform shipping containers into uniquely stylish, innovative, and fully functional cafes, kiosks, and restaurants tailored just for you!

Container Café in Doha, Qatar

Our division for container conversion in Qatar provides top-notch installations of stylish cafe container units that set themselves apart in every aspect. We employ high-grade shipping containers and fashionable designs deliver a premium experience in the shipping container cafe/restaurant business.

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kitchen container doha.jpg

Container kitchen in Doha, Qatar

Numerous restaurant proprietors in Qatar are exploring the incorporation of container kitchens into their operations. For cafe and restaurant business operators, the concept revolves around a detachable yet fully functional kitchen that is robust, secure, and capable of performing all the functions of a traditional kitchen unit.

container accomdation doha.png

Container Accommodation in Doha, Qatar

Some companies tends to need a cost effective solution to house their employees in a conducive environment. The process of converting shipping containers into habitable spaces, known as shipping container accommodation conversion, has witnessed significant growth in recent years in Qatar.

Container office in Doha, Qatar

Procyon Creations specializes in designing and constructing shipping container office spaces that provide an ideal working environment for employees across various business setups in Qatar. These office spaces by Procyon Creations are not only robust and secure but also instill confidence in those working within them."

container office doha.png

Container gym in Doha, Qatar

Considering the establishment of your own container gym? Container gyms in Qatar offer a unique and appealing environment, attracting fitness enthusiasts seeking an alternative gym setting. We specialize in designing and constructing customized container gym fit-outs to perfectly align with your brand.

container gym doha.png

Our Project Handling Process

There are numerous methods for acquiring shipping containers, whether through online or in-person channels. Explore the steps below to understand our process for purchasing your shipping containers.

Size Confirmation

Our team will need to get your required container size to understand your requirements.

Fabrication / Customization

Once the quote is finalize, we will start the process of fabrication and installation of the container.

Site Inspection

Our operations team will be on site to evaluate the project scope of work.

Project Handover

Once the container has been installed, our team will do final round of checking before handing over the project to client.

Submit Quote

Our estimation team will be assisting in drafting out the quote.

After sales follow up

After a few months of the installation, our client service team will do a follow up to ensure all technical are in order.

Want to build a modified Container?

Get in touch with us!

Creating a modified shipping containers gives many advantages for businesses, municipal, government, and other organizations looking for a fast and easy setting that is able to construct with a quick turnaround time.

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