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Previous, Current And Future of Exhibition Booth Design Ideas

The following details below are some common questions that we have received from exhibitors and people who are looking to participate in a trade show event.

exhibition booth design ideas
Exhibition Booth Design Ideas

What Are The Upcoming Trends for Exhibition Booth Design?

Booths are getting more creative every year with many designers are implementing new out of the box ideas for designing exhibition booths. Nowadays booth materials are either luxurious or have eco-friendly elements to build the booth

Heights of the booth are also increasing in the trade show. Sometimes, this method of booth construction is very important as it allows the exhibitor to showcase their brand name to as many trade show visitors. The visibility of their booth is very important as they have to reach the ROI for their exhibition campaign.

Is The Exhibition Industry Still Booming Internationally?

According to the UFI statistics, the results show that in America, Europe, and Asia – Pacific, 70 to 80% of companies report an increase in their turnover in the 2nd half of 2017. The Middle East – Africa region reports around 50% of companies registering such growth.

What Are The Common Requirements That Client Wants for Their Exhibition Booth?

Each client has unique requirements for an exhibition booth. Some services like Wifi, hanging points, standard AV equipment, installation of meeting room and storeroom with a small pantry are some of the common requirements clients need for their booth.

How Are Trade Shows and Stand Design Are Staying Relevant in A Modern Digital Age?

With the current possibilities of getting information online, the demand for the exhibition is ever increasing. People are able to see images of booths online and understand what type of booth they want and also do a comparison. With more information up online, companies can understand the current trends that are happening and understand what they should have for an exhibition campaign.

What Can We Expect from The Coming Years Ahead of Exhibition Booth Design?

With more designers implementing new creative and innovative ideas, we can see new types of booth concepts being fabricated in trade shows. New technologies will be part of the booth elements to get more human traffic into the booth.

Do Exhibitors Achieve The ROI in The Trade Shows?

Trade show events are always the best marketing channel to get people to come to your exhibition booth and allow them to know the products and services being offered. It also allows for forging new connections by meeting persons. If the exhibition campaign of the exhibitor is plan effectively, they will certainly see a healthy flow of leads from their exhibition campaign.

Does The Booth Size Matter?

Yes. But it also depends on how the design of the booth looks like. If the exterior looks very appealing and the booth has certain attractions, it allows bringing more people to come to the booth as there is much space to offer. If the booth can hold a huge crowd, it can really gain a lot of attention.

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