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Mall Display and Kiosks

Looking to create mall kiosk, outdoor kiosk or merchandise display?
Procyon creations provide design services that can tailor to your company's branding requirements. Our production team creates bespoke fabrication of unique kiosk concepts.

Shopping Mall Interiors

Mall Display and Kiosk

Having an outstanding design for your kiosk in the mall will bring many footfall into your area.


Our designers are specialist to bring your desire corporate branding.


We study your brand to tailor your needs.


We ensure construction of your kiosk will be on time.


We have experience designers to create your dream kiosk.


We have a wealth of experience to help you bring success to your kiosk.

Want to start your kiosk design?

Do contact us to help you with your next project!



Royal Plaza Mall, Hub Business Center, Doha, Qatar

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